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The Beacon School; an inclusive and thriving learning community which prepares students for life by giving them the qualifications, skills and confidence that they need to be successful in the wider world.  

We are an ambitious, outward-looking school and we believe that all of our students deserve the best education.

Our core purpose at The Beacon School is to strive for exceptional learning. We are a values driven school and these behaviours are a constant in what we expect of ourselves, students and families: from September 2018 our values are Excellence – Respect.

We have high expectations of all students. We expect them to arrive on time, dress smartly, behave respectfully, be able to take pride in their achievement and to learn. Our curriculum is innovative and broad, providing a range of courses tailored to students’ needs. We challenge students to work hard, stretch their thinking and achieve. We have an excellent and dedicated staff who work relentlessly to ensure these high standards are maintained and built upon.

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We believe that every child in our schools can achieve the highest academic standards whilst enjoying a vibrant, challenging and rich curriculum. Whilst operating as a part of a family, each school exists in its own right maintaining its own unique characteristics and individual identity. Each of our 30 schools serves to meet the needs of its own local community yet all are united in their core purpose of providing an outstanding educational experience. When we say outstanding, we mean this in the traditional definition of the word synonymous with excellent or marvellous or magnificent or terrific or first-class or fine or wonderful or superb or exceptional

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Picquets Way, Surrey

Our Location

Our Location
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